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May 21st

New Jersey has been ranked #1 by the National Motorists Association as the least motorist-friendly state in the nation. I can’t say I disagree since I act extra paranoid when in NJ roads than when I’m in another state. And it also amazes me how New Jersey tries to extract money out of its drivers.

When I got ticketed for going 73 on a 55 last June, I had two choices of penalties. One was to put 2 pts. in my license for speeding and pay around $110. The other was to receive zero pts. but pay over $300 for “reckless driving”. I took the points because I didn’t believe blazing down the highway with the lane to myself is being a menace to fellow motorists. Btw, this was in tiny little Raritan Twp., which happens to manage a sliver of Rt. 202.

The problem with living in such a densely populated states is that each town gets to experiment how to extract as much money from drivers as possible. The good ideas get spread to the rest of the towns like swine flu. I haven’t encountered red light cameras or roadblocks in Jersey, but with our state in debt dwarfed only by California, they’ll be extracting more money very soon.

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