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April 9th

What inspired to write a series on how certain substances affect my gaming happened by accident. I, for some reason, decided that 4 cups of French Roast was the sufficient amount of coffee for myself. Not a person to waste anything, I drank all four cups. The results were not pretty.

My game of choice, of course, is Call of Duty 4. First symptom of being caffeinated is the uncontrollable shaking. That, needless to say, messes up my mouse movements and clicking a lot. On the plus side, my reflexes are way up so my will to keep my character alive was high. Unfortunately, the ability to do so went way down. I found it very difficult to find my shot or to stop shooting when there’s nothing. Caffeine also killed my peripheral vision.

Let’s talk about sniping. Sniping requires impeccable timing and patience. Caffeine managed to take away both. At one point as a sniper, only 10-20% of my kills were from the sniper rifle. The shaking didn’t help my shot either.

Which makes me perplexed over the image of a gamer pounding endless cans of various energy drinks (which are as caffeine laced as coffee). The benefits are marginal and the costs are massive. I can deal with a cup of tea, but even a cup of joe is too much for me. Four cups is hell.

This leads to my next segment, which would be the opposite of caffeinated, sleep-deprived. Stay tuned.

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