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April 22nd

Chuck is done. Chuck is no longer the intersect, Morgan no longer works at the Buy More. What could the show possible show in the season finale that will continue the story?

Kings is also done. It got moved to Saturday. How good is that show? It’s not David vs. Goliath. It’s David vs. Goliath written by Shakespeare. It’s that good. How the hell is Medium still up but not Kings?

Sarah Conner Chronicles is done, even though it’s at its most interesting point, when young John Connor ends up in the future. I guess I have to settle for man to cyborg 2nd base.

Dollhouse is getting canned soon. How much more hotness does this show need to stay alive?

What’s still around? Heroes, The Office, all the Law & Order’s. What do you know, all on NBC. Southland starting to look pretty good. Hey, also on NBC.

What’s still for some god-forsaken reason? Family Guy (now that it turned into the left-wing version of South Park), American Idol, Dancing with the Stars.

Now that BSG is over, I’m gonna hate television.

Okay, the season finale of Chuck managed to out do the previous episode. I couldn’t believe it either. I’m gonna be extra vengeful if they cancel Chuck.

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