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April 7th

I don’t mean the demise of blogs in general, but the impact of a death of an author of the blog. News has Lee, the founder of Right-Thinking from the Left Coast, has died.

RTLC is one of the first blogs I followed way back in 2001. His blog shaped my political worldview like no other person. Then during the Terry Schiavo era, Lee, at the cost of a majority of his readers, took on mainstream conservatives for taking a sharp right on social issues. Then when his job brought him to Beijing, he handed the blog over to several writers. While in Beijing he brought a totally different perspective of the country that has never occurred to me.

There is little detail to his demise, but I can pretty much guess how he died. Lee lived the way he espoused. When droves of reader left the site, he stuck to his principals and kept the blog alive. To him, debate was his game and he probably took pride in pissing off everyone online. He is proof that, despite the professionalization of blogging, there will always be a place where the personal and political are intertwined.

Most people will never know who he is (including readers like me), but it is still a great loss nonetheless.

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