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April 2nd

In real life, the Skorpion vz. 61 is a submachine gun used as a sidearm. In Call of Duty 4, the Skorpion is probably the least used sub-machine gun in the game. Why?

For starters, it has a 20 round cartridge which scares off beginners. It’s not particularly powerful and the reload is pretty slow. It also uses 9×18 rounds so it doesn’t pierce objects very well nor does it share any ammo with any other gun. So why use what is essentially an automatic sidearm?

The Skorpion can hit anything, anywhere. Whereas every other sub machine gun have major recoil, the Skorpion does not. It is super accurate even with a silencer attachment. It can tickle a distant sniper… to death while retaining the close-up capabilities of a sub-machine gun.

That said, it only has 20 rounds and a slow reload, so make every shot count. Mastering the Skorpion is highly rewarding. With the other sub-machine guns, people will accuse you of using a “n00b” weapon. You will hear no such thing with a Skorpion.

Tip: The lousier a gun’s range, the fewer negative effects of putting a silencer on it. So silence your Skorpion and AK-74′s.

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