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April 12th

In the United States armed forces, the M14 rifle is either used as a ceremonial weapon or a variant of a sniper rifle. Otherwise, the M14 was deemed not very useful. In Call of Duty 4, the M14 is everything the Skorpion is not, accurate, powerful, and decent mag size. Oh sure, it’s accurate, after the first shot. It’s weaker than the two bolt-action snipers rifles, so it take at least two non-headshots to kill. So why use the M14 when the M16, in real life and in gaming, is a better weapon?

Because it’s fun damn it. Because it is a less forgiving gun than an M16, whose three round burst allows you to make partial contact with the enemy, accuracy is a must. In close range situations, you could either bet on spraying the M14 and pray that it kills or switch to your secondary.

As a result, proficiency with the M14 is a rewarding, whereas using the M16 make me feel cheap. You don’t being cheap, right?

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