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April 27th

Shucks. Camaro it is then.

I’ve been targeting the Pontiac G8 GT as my next car of choice since… it came out in 2008. I’m probably the only Chinese guy in the state that likes (some) American cars. However, the demise of Pontiac is a lesson on how not to comply with CAFE standards.

If you are a smaller car company selling primarily high margin luxury vehicles like BMW or Porsche you could just pay the fines.

If you have a major flagship brand like Toyota, you get rid of high performance models like the MR2 or Celica.

GM thought it could keep its high performance models (which are all awesome but are not that profitable) by rebadging its econoboxes. That didn’t work and the Pontiac brand suffered greatly for it.

Outside of the Pontiac G8 and Solstice, the rest of the line-up are rebadged versions of crappy rental cars. The G5 is a rebadged Cobalt, which sucks. The G3 is a rebadged Aveo, which really sucks. The G6 is decent but is too underpowered for a Pontiac (plus its an uggo). The Torrent is also woefully underpowered bebadged Equinox. The Vibe would have had potential if it weren’t a Pontiac.

So when Pontiac has the same identity as Chevy, its demise is inevitable. Note I didn’t even mention the countless number of older models that no longer exist. I still chuckle whenever anyone mentions Aztek.

I hope they turn the G8 into the Impala so there’s still an American designed RWD sedan. In the meantime, time to look for a good deal on a G8.

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