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March 5th

I am supposed to be starting a new freelance assignment on the beginning of this week. But here I am sitting at home waiting until next Monday to start. A combination of bad timing and unfortunate events have caused these delays. Mind you, I am neither upset nor blaming anyone for what happened. It just did.

So my working interview was supposed to begin on Monday. Unfortunately, the weather dumped 14 inches of snow at the office (I know, because I drove in the snow to see for myself). So Tuesday was my interview but there was no work since most of the office was either offsite or unavailable. So today was supposed to be my first day. But then I had to turn my car around when I learned my client had an emergency.

While I am eager to escape unemployment, I am more than patient when it comes to events out anyone’s control. No problem, this just means more time to prepare.

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