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March 16th

Okay, the jig is up. St. Patricks Day is a white pride day in the guise of an Irish holiday. Nobody ever is that excited over say… Columbus Day.

I am okay with that. Every ethinic, racial, and any other group have certain days, weeks, or months about them. If white people want to take a day to celebrate themselves, go right ahead.

I was in Morristown for St. Patricks Day and it was a fun time. I wish people would be equally excited about Chinese New Year, but I doubt you could celebrate for a whole week.

It shows how far the country has progressed in racial and ethnic relations. Green hats and shirts is a huge improvement over white robes.

Note: Ironically, wearing a green hat in Chinese (戴绿帽)means being an adulterer. I can personally attest there was a lot of both going on Saturday. I’ll keep my mouth shut.

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