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March 8th

Disappointment turns into anger.

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hosted SNL yesterday, this concept literally fell on their lap. When does sketch comedy make me angry? When it’s this.

For you hipsters who still watch SNL for the jokes, this is The Rock

Which part of WWE Raw to the SNL writers would indicate that “The Rock Obama” would speak and act like Tarzan? Even as a critic of Barack Obama, I wanted to watch “The Rock Obama” give those Republican Senators a smackdown (though with McCain that might make an awesome cage match). But no, SNL writers would rather take an idea and put it under the Fairness Doctrine, and make it two minutes too long.

I would have made “The Rock Obama” give Tom Coburn the people’s elbow and do anything to Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s candy ass. Wrestling may be fake, but SNL sucks.

Alas, like any government institution SNL will be here forever. Occasionally, they do something funny like talking about how they’re on a boat. Most of the time, is a time-wasting, over-budget shipwreck with an inflated sense of self-importance. The real Barack Obama could probably appoint a Comedy Czar for them.

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