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March 4th

The site went under a name change and it also beat the “web 2.0″ design out. iKnow as we know it is now the name of their flagship app. Whatever name it is, the apps are slow, buggy, and working whenever they felt like it.

So I’ve been passing the time by practicing reading Engadget Chinese. I learned that Taiwanese like to make every word in Chinese. Not just homophones like 索尼 suoni (Sony) and 柯達 keda (Kodak) Some are like 平果 pingguo (Apple) and 三星 sanxing (Samsung) where they translate the literal meaning of their name. 微軟 weiruan literally is Chinese for micro & soft (Microsoft).

These are just some of the tidbits I learned just spending a few minutes in a Chinese website. Once they get their issues fixed I can’t wait to keep learning. Did I just say that?

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  • Name

    Yes. I've found to be incredibly buggy. Quite a shame.

  • Sai-Kit Hui

    One year later, iKnow went back to flash. And their JQuery based drill app is as buggy as their old JQuery iKnow app.

    I want them to succeed in their non-flash development (since I probably will be using on my smartphone more often), but for that to happen their apps need to work.