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March 20th

A man sues his local Circuit City (happens to my local Circuit City too) for damage sustained on his Porsche 911 Turbo caused allegedly by a joyriding employee who was installing audio equipment in it. Now, the only information to go by is the article, so I can’t really judge who is in the wrong. However, that doesn’t stop people making these comments

Wow, first off isn’t it nice how in this economy someone can afford a $185,000 Porsche? And second, if I ever paid that much for a stupid car, I’d make sure it had a darn good system in it already! Unbelievable.

It’s an 2008 model, so he probably bought it in 2007, when the economy was not in the crapper. And maybe he wanted more subwoofers in there. Moron.

What kind of idiot takes a $185,000 car to Circuit City to have a stereo installed?

While Circuit City may be a poorly managed enterprise (that’s why they’re bankrupt), perhaps he believes when company policy says no one can joyride his automobile, there’s a good chance they won’t. He may have poorly, but that’s not his fault.

Who in their right mind takes a car supposedly valued at $185K to a Circuit City (chain store) to have stereo equipment installed? A cheap a** one that’s who. It’s his own fault the kid doing the installation took it for a supposed “joyride.” This guy going, who is probably going through a mid-life crisis and is most likely short and balding, has nothing better to do with his money than to buy a sports car for $185K – then sues for damages he “claims” were caused by the store back in OCTOBER – It’s almost APRIL – who’s to say he didn’t hit the curb or caused the damage himself in the last six months – - you know, moving it in and out of his parents’ garage where he lives in the basement? I hope he doesn’t get a dime for his own stupidity. :-)

Projection is an unhealthy habit.

Even though I live in a town chock full of Benz and Lexus, it’s likely this man will have the only 911 Turbo in the area (my neighbor has a Boxster, that doesn’t count). Maybe I’ll get more information if I ever see him. But there is never an appropriate time to be blinded by envy, even during recession.

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