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March 29th

I’m a beer person. My objective with beer is not to get drunk (not that it never happens), but to find the best tasting brews in the world. So yesterday I was in Olde City in Philadelphia. The best bar in that neighborhood, in my opinion, is Eulogy Belgian Tavern, the #1 or #2 Belgian tavern in Philly (I never been to Monk’s Cafe, so I don’t know which is better).

I had only two beers, their flagship Eulogy Busty Blonde and a Lindemans Frambrois (If I knew what gulden draak was yesterday, that would have been #3). The busty blonde is the cleanest tasting ale I’ve ever had, Coors Light if it didn’t suck. The frambrois is as fruity as it sounds. While I am not a fan of fruit beers, I’d pick this over wine. I would have tried more if I didn’t waste my money on cover charges and taxi cab rides.

I didn’t eat anything there, though I hear the mussels and the fries are good.

If you are in Olde City to drink beer, go to Eulogy, stop by the Triumph across the street, and then get your ass back to Eulogy. It’s that good.

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