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March 1st

I hate being graded. I really hate being graded in foreign languages. Language teachers keep telling me its okay to be wrong and to make mistakes. That is true, but when I get it wrong on a quiz or test my GPA gets fucked. I learned from my mistakes and yet my grade isn’t going to change because I learned something a day after the test. With iKnow, it is truly okay to be wrong. I just get asked the same question later down the road. And I’ll get asked that question over and over again until I get it right a certain number of times (at least four I think).

Anyway, I am currently reading Engadget Chinese to practice comprehension. One, because I read the English language Engadget already. Two, many of the posts are cross-posted (though with different writers obviously) so I know the gist of it before I practice reading it. I do have a little help though. I use the indispensable Firefox plugin Pera-kun to help instantly translates unknown words and phrases.

My goal of becoming Cantowanese is close. Soon I’ll be advocating independence… of Hong Kong.

Update: I’m able read and somewhat comprehend a post on Engadget Chinese with the help of pera-kun. Mind you I’ve only been using iKnow for a month (with some wildly inconsistent hours). It might take longer for people who have never been exposed to Chinese, but this is already faster than years and years of Chinese lessons, which went in one ear and out the other. While fluency is years away, reading and writing will probably only take me a few more months.

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