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March 8th

Decent restaurant with a WTF? name.

Fortune Cookie Asian Cuisine is its American name (ie. for white people to come). Chinese people will know this place as 老湖南 (Old Hunan). This is like the third or who knows how many attempts to open a Chinese restaurant in the same building in the outskirts of Bridgewater, NJ. Here’s what I thought.

It is Hunan cuisine, for real. A lot of Americanized Chinese places take a name of a place known for its cuisine (Szechuan, Hong Kong, Hunan, Shanghai) but still serve typical American Chinese food. This place actually serve Hunan cuisine (with a bit of Szechuan cuisine). And just like Hunan cuisine, everything is…

Hot! Ahhhh!!!! When my dad thinks Hunan cuisine is hot, it’s hot. Believe it or not, we only asked for “moderate spicy”. It’s like every dish is chili with chili sauce sauteed with chili’s. My mouth still tasted like burning an hour after leaving the place. I don’t want to try “very spicy”.

Damn they’re fast. It turns out the place is pretty popular and when we got there they ran out of chairs. We almost had to sit in kiddie benches. Despite being near capacity (though their table arrangement is no where as packed as a typical Chinatown place), all of our order came within 10 minutes. Then we ordered a Kung Pao shrimp and it was out in 5 minutes. So good job with the prep time.

Bring a slotted spoon. Speaking of Kung Pao shrimp, it was a bit greasy. Though that might explain why the dishes came out so damn quickly.

So it’s a decent Chinese restaurant less than 10 minutes from my house. Pretty cheap too ($72 for 5 including tip). I just hope it sticks around for awhile.

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  • gary

    it is the best around. service is pretty good if they know you its better. very authentic with wall to wall clients. weekday is slow and easier to get attention.
    language is tough so know what you want so you dont’ miss out on this really great feast.

  • guest

    Never ever ever go to that place, dirty, bad service, their meat was even rottened!!!