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March 31st

Pornographer, Web Developer. Same difference.

Fantasy Baseball for CBS Sports this year requires 5 starters and 2 relievers instead of 7 of any pitcher in 2008. There’s also a huge change in scoring format. With that in mind, here are my Freelance Pornographers.

Starting Lineup


Bengie Molina – C
Albert Pujols – 1B
Dustin Pedroia – 2B
Aubrey Huff – 3B
Troy Tulowitski – SS
Carlos Quentin – OF
BJ Upton – OF
Jacoby Ellsbury – OF
Carlos Delgado -DH



Roy Halliday
Roy Oswalt
Justin Verlander
Gavin Floyd
Ubaldo Jimenez


Mariano Rivera
Brad Lidge


Brad Hawpe – OF
Brad Ziegler – RP
Chris Volstad – SP
David Price – SP
Mike Pelfrey – SP

This team could either be on the top or crashing to the bottom. It heavily relies on players able to reproduce their 2008 numbers or players that need to bounce back from 2008. This team also relies on when David Price and Matt Wieters get called up this season. I don’t have Wieters stashed but since I am the one with the least amount of life in this league, I’m confident I’ll be the first to snap him up.

I love the new rules which deemphasizes saves and wins and penalizes negative stats on both sides of the ball. Too bad defensive errors are not part of it or I’ll be running away with this year. I have two elite closers who I can trade for upgrades in starting pitching, 3B, and SS. However, I am playing with the same group of friends that made zippo trades last season.

I may have overreached for closers this year despite being burned last year for the same reason, but I have confidence that my risky bunch will thrive this year. If not, I’m playing .500 ball and out of the playoffs again.

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