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February 3rd

Taking Rutgers football to the top while messing with Penn State

It’s National Signing Day for college football programs tomorrow and as a Rutgers fan I’m quite giddy. So here are five things I’m looking forward to Signing Day.

The Tom Savage Class of 2009. If this class ends up the best Rutgers recruiting class in history (though the Ray Rice Class of 2005 may have a case), you can thank its top dog, QB Tom Savage. Even if he never throws a pass, he’s already made an impact on Rutgers. I remember last year when Rutgers was 1-5 and recruits were backing out. Tom stuck around and told his fellow recruit to weather the storm. Tom was vindicated when Rutgers would win 7 games in a row. Oh yeah, he’s also an elite quarterback who could start as early as next year. But no matter what happens down the road, you can thank Tom Savage for making Rutgers what it is today.

I like…big… DT’s. Rutgers has been lucky with defensive tackles. We’ve had players coming back from major injuries like Eric Foster and Ryan D’Imperio making huge comebacks. We’ve had walk-ons like Ramel Meekins and Brandon Renkhart step up big time. Our defense, while undersized, was a lean, mean, quarterback-crippling machine. Unfortunately, that also meant we’ve been exposed in our run defense. Witness NC State QB Russell Wilson manhandle Rutgers at bowl with his Michael Vick-type scrambles. Our run defense hasn’t looked this back since… Michael Vick played us.

So this year, we have found two big DT in the form of Isaac Holmes and Antwan Lowery. This means we should have enough size to stop guys like Noel Divine and Victor Anderson and make Matt Grothe eat more turf.

A big time TE. No matter how much the Rutgers teams of the 90′s and early 00′s sucked, one bright spot for us is at tight end. Beginning with the great Marco Battaglia, then current Eagles starting TE LJ Smith. Clark Harris was good but had a case of butter fingers. The current TE combo, Kevin Brock and Shamar Graves is serviceable but no longer great. This might change with Paul Carrezola. Now that we have potential big time Wide receiver with Tim Brown and Keith Stround, we will need a big time TE to provide blocks and ward off double coverages. Could Carrezola be the man to do it? I hope so.

Screwing over Penn State. There are many reasons to pick on Penn State. Their head coach is a mummy. Their players’ rap sheets are as impressive as their attendence records, and they are a Big Team which makes them naturally overrated. The current battle is for Delaware’s top prospect WR Justin Brown. Rutgers already lost Gerald Hodges to the Lions and frankly, we rather not lose Brown. I want Savage and Browns on each side in 2011 damn it!

Complete the invasion of Delaware. The State of Rutgers is impressive indeed it has spread itself further from New Jersey. One ripe territory for the taking is Delaware, which has no Div I-A football program. We’ve already taken the Merill Twins and Duron Harmon, who are all top 5 prospects in Delaware. Taking #1 prospect Justin Brown would complete the rout so we can continue westward into Penn State territory.

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