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February 11th

Lazy, Stupid, lack of principals, call it whatever you like. But I’ve come to this conclusion. Take these “positions” for example

(Stimulus package) “$900 billion is too much. How about $790 billion?” The point of compromise is to satisfy everyone somewhat, not piss all of them off. Moron!

(Middle East) “I think both sides are to blame.” Might as well just say I know nothing. Moron!

(Presidential Election) “I can’t tell the difference between those two.” Moron! And you call yourself “undecided”? More like uneducated.

(Gay marriage) “No to gay marriage. Yes to civil unions.” Separate but equal right? Moron!

(Politics) “I’m bi-partisan.” That just means you suck twice as much. Moron!

There’s nothing wrong with compromise nor is there anything wrong with having varying beliefs. But to all of you who consider themselves “moderate” to feel superior or to hide the fact you know nothing, Moron!

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