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February 17th

This is coming from someone whose A-Rod jokes all involve A-Rod, Derek Jeter, and fornication.

But why demonize a baseball player who has done everything expected of him by Major League Baseball, the media, and fans.

First, performance enhancers only augments a small aspect of pitching, hitting, and fielding. It sure didn’t make Barry Bonds a gold glove outfielder. It doesn’t even guarantee better performance (see. Jason Grimsley). And just any substance injected in the body, there are trade-offs. I doubt any detractor is concerned about the health of any steroid users.

A-Rod is a first ballot hall of famer who has proven to be the best player in the game with or without PED’s. To Yankees fans he is their guy. To the fans of the rest of the American League he’s a post-season choke artist. To Major League baseball he has helped the league make many times more money than the value of his contract.

I am no longer a sports player, but I am a gamer. I’ve built my reputation on playing with honor and never cheating and fighting those who do. And I would urge all sportsmen to cease taking PED’s for the sake of their long-term health. But to me, it’s hard to tell whether PED’s are any different from other aspects of modern sports medicine.

But as my mascara is bleeding down my cheeks, I urge baseball fans and the media to stop feigning shock that everything he has done is consistent with their desires.

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