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February 20th

My progress in retaking command of the Chinese language is going well. Unfortunately, because of my Cantonese upbringing and the fact that I’m learning in Mandarin on iKnow, I am becoming a type of Chinese hybrid of questionable value.

I speak fluent Cantonese, but because I’ve put off Chinese education for oh… 17 years, I can only read in Mandarin. So if were at a Cantonese, I would be able to understand the menu but can’t order it in Cantonese. The waiter will look at me like I’m retarded. Then if you were to speak mandarin to me very quickly, I will give you that retarded look.

Would it be better if iKnow offered Cantonese? Yeah, but I wouldn’t use it. It’s such an advanced dialect that it will slow me down.

Nonetheless, I am still on track and I don’t have money to go back to Hong Kong any time soon. Here are my goals.



  • sing karaoke
  • read a menu


  • read an article online
  • know what the hell they’re saying on TV
  • communicate with Chinese people online

Long-ass Term

  • do all of that… in Cantonese
  • stick it to my family members who has been giving me shit for my poor Chinese (they all know English, so I can’t turn the tables)
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