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February 2nd

The crime of 23 year-olds for acting like 23 year-olds

There. I said it. I’m just a lowly web developer, so no one cares. But if it is Michael Phelps, people will care or even pretend to care.

Is this why we put athletes like Phelps on a pedestal, so we can knock him down. One could make an argument that Phelp put himself there. However, after winning 14 Gold medals, I think he earned it.

Then there is question of marijuana use. What are the risks of marijuana that are greater than tobacco and alcohol? Is it because it is a gateway drug. Is a bicycle a gateway to cars and car accidents? There always going to be “gateways” that lead to illegal things.

If he did inhale, I would be impressed (unlike his previous DUI, that’s bad). He probably set a world record in biggest bong hit. That to me is another step on the pedestal. You have nothing to apologize for, Mr Phelps.

Update: Same idea, but you know… better.

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