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February 13th

Why #6 is right (And why I love #8)

Finally, something I can claim actual expertise. This is a letter written from the perspective of a citizen aboard the colonial fleet with a lot of insider info. The fact that it’s titled “Why Tom Zarek Was Right” pretty much tells everyone that this person is wrong. Most responses to defend the Cylon-Human alliance has been a reluctant one. I’m going to argue that the “Cylon-Human Alliance is the greatest thing evah” form the perspective of another colonial with the hots for #8…. big time (I consider Cylon-frakker to be a compliment).

*What? What? Yeah spoilers!!!*

The first argument made by this citizen is that we cannot trust the Cylons. Yes, they wiped out everyone I knew and loved. But I learned that Cylons are pretty quick learners. The first thing they learned is that humans are like cockroaches, we can’t be wiped out, even with nukes.

The second thing they learned is we’re still #1 species in the universe and the Cylons know it. All my boys Helo and Baltar showed was a little love (Starbuck showed love to Leoben too in form of multiple executions. I guess some Cylons love getting dumped on. Am I right ladies?), and half of them don’t want to kill us anymore.

And as soon as we destroyed their resurrection ship, they learned a third thing. Like my boy Baltar, they love to live.

So maybe we don’t have this “trust” thing right now. But as long as they know they can’t kill us completely, need our lovin’, and that we can wipe each other out anytime (or in your fourth wall term, mutually assured destruction), trust isn’t even the biggest issue.

But what about us humans, we’re a bunch of back-stabbing xenophobic hicks right? From what I see, it seems humans seems to hate each other more than all humans hating Cylons (oh look, another thing we have in common, irreconcilable differences). Tell me, how many cylons died during the coup? Whom did the coup leaders try to execute first? Was this person a known Cylon? Even alleged Cylon haters like Zarek and Gaeta needed the Cylons alive for a reason. Something about “mutually assured destruction”, I might have mentioned that in passing.

And if there’s one thing we humans love, it’s leadership. The Adama’s and Roslin just oozes it. During the coup, a few words from them and anyone listening switched sides. So perhaps the Cylons cannot trust some of my peers, but they can sure trust our leaders.

Oh, and did I mention I love #8? You can trust this Geminon.

But what now? Now that we learn that Earth is a nuclear wasteland, what so great about this alliance? Forget about military or intelligence value. All this animosity between humans and Cylons have brought nothing but bloodshed. I think it’s time we go a different path. I like to believe that the more dependent we are on each other, the less likely we will back-stab each other. Oh yeah, then there is thing about what you fourth wallers call “establish a common defense”. There is still those Cylons led by that priest of destruction, Cavil, trying to wipe both of us out. If they ever find us, we might have a better chance of fending them off if we fight as one.

Finally, there is the issue of Cylons wiping most of us out only four years ago. You know why I am so forgiving? Because we humans, if given a chance to wipe out the Cylon race, would have gladly taken it. The only difference between humans and Cylons is that they succeeded. Remember LCMV? So given an opportunity to not repeat the cycle of annihilation, I think we should take it. As a member of a democratic society, we should welcome the Cylons into our fold, because they are now truly the same as us.

Also we really need to repopulate. Dibs on an eight.


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