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February 18th

I have a little problem.

A regular on my favorite COD4 servers is absolutely convinced I am a wall hacker. I take playing with honor very seriously, so this was a bullshit charge.

I took the high road; I called him a whiny little bitch. That didn’t work.

It’s one thing to accuse me of cheating. It’s also another to spend a considerable amount of time convincing others I am cheating (no evidence other than a good score) But then the person turns creepy, he tries to profile me. He’s becoming a little too stalker-like. However, because I frequent this server quite often, I’m forced to do a little propagating of my own.

That’s an extreme case. The lesson here is that whining about my score or being in a losing team doesn’t make you a better player. If you are convinced anyone can never reach a certain level of skill, then neither will you.

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