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February 28th

When real words cannot express how I feel.

I’ve created a couple of terms for certain players whose style of play just makes me angry (not in a rational way either).

Fraggots This would be the player in the Call of Duty series who equip themselves with multiple frag grenades (2-3 depending on game) plus a martyrdom perk, which sticks a grenade up your ass which is released when you lose control of your bowels. This build is the reason I hate kill cams.

Proners This would be a COD player that abuses the prone command to no end. I pretty much figured out how to take them out but I still get angry when players do it like its their gag reflex.

Roofies This is when in TF2 a demoman or Soldier decides to go up on a rooftop and fire rockets and grenades from a conveniently placed hole on the roof. This isn’t new, but it’s extra anger inducing when people do it in Arena mode.

MGD (Machine Gun Douche) This is when a COD4 who takes every chance to use the stationary MG on a map. For some reason, there is no cool down period set in COD4 so one could fire indefinitely. In World at War they are known as tank bitches.

Child Prey This is when, though the magic of voice communication, that a player is a high pitched teenage punk ass who’s acting like a brat. I call them prey because this is when I openly hope there’s an online predator to scare them away from the server.

*mute* That’s just what I do when someone starts abusing the voice comm.

I’m gonna track you down and beat the life out of you then drink your blood from you skulls. Cheaters.


Sorority A clan that stacks a team with members of another clan to beat up on PUG’s. Also a clan that stacks its own team on its own server for the same reason. Pretty much always somebody’s bitch.

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