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February 10th

Remember when I paid $125 for lunch for three at Morimoto? Well, it’s places like Danny Ng’s Place that make me regret splurging so much money for food. The lesson here is to go to the restaurant named after an old Chinese chef.

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Anyway. Here’s what I thought about Danny Ng’s Place in Chinatown.

What an unfortunate locale. Other than being located along Chinatown’s busiest street, the place is not the most ideal location. It’s actually underneath a much more bigger restaurant. When I enter, the counter is to my right, and to my left… are the bathrooms. This is the first restaurant I’ve been to where the waiting area and the bathroom line are the same. I think it’s because Danny Ng’s used to be an annex of the previous restaurant. The place was small and densely packed. We got lucky and ended up with a small table in the corner (right by the extra tables and coat rack, free coat check!). Though overall, despite these issues the place looks nice and clean.

Understaffed. Because the place is so small and crowded, even extra help would have just gotten in the way. So the few waiters there are going at double time. Like any typical Chinese restaurant, they’re both waiters and busboys. Despite the circumstances, I thought service was great. Too bad they serve mostly Chinese people, or else they would be tipped appropriately. Face it, we’re cheap asses.

Big portions! I’m really starting to regret having spent $125. I left Morimoto thinking I should head to Chinatown and have lunch #2. I left Danny Ng’s with extra chicken. We ordered half a chicken and it looked like it was on roids. We also got what looks like a kilo of watercress, a dozen fried oysters, and a pretty sizable cut of buffalo. Even by Chinatown standards, this was pretty damn big. Why do rich people pay so much to starve themselves?

Fried Oysters. That’s right, fried oysters. A dozen of them. All very fresh. Enough said.

The final bill So what was the final bill for dinner in Chinatown for three people? $55. That was with tip. Oh, and the subtotal also had tax included. You know, for $70 less, I could live with extra packed area, overworked staff, portions for fat people, and bathrooms in funky locations.

Danny Ng is no Chen Kenichi, but I rather be at his place.

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