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January 7th

Rick Reilly of ESPN seems to make a pretty convincing case that the Utah Utes, in beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, is the best team in the nation.

Would Utah beat either Oklahoma or Florida this year? Who knows. But they are undefeated, beaten a number of ranked teams, and, again, beat Alabama. Reilly goes on to argue the BCS would never recognize a non-BCS team as a National Champion. As a supporter of a Big East team, I’m not sure if being a BCS conference means anything.

Maybe it can be determined in a playoff system. I personally do not care whether there is playoff or not. Half the fun is arguing with others about these issues.

I am sure that Oklahoma-Florida will be a great game and I will not miss it, but will the winner be the best team in the nation?

I’m going argue that Utah is the true champ, just to see the reaction.

Update: That’s pretty damn close to 1st. Also, we’re (tied) #33! We’re (tied) #33!

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