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January 24th
Fun with cross-lingual homophones

Fun with bi-lingual homophones

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. You may have heard terms like Lunar New Year or Pan-Asian New Year that are used so that other countries aren’t left out.

Whatever. That’s like calling Mardi Gras Lent Eve.

Sure, other countries may acknowledge Chinese New Year and may even celebrate it. But in reality, only Chinese people know how to do it. In China, this is a week long of partying and lighting fireworks. The largest human migration in the world happens because nearly every single Chinese person needs to get home to celebrate the New Year. So we own this holiday.

This is year is extra special because it is the year of the bull. For those of you turning to an age divisible by 12, like me, this is our year.

You don’t have to be Chinese to celebrate Chinese New Year, just don’t call it anything else.

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