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January 31st

I, of course, speak of President Taylor from 24 and President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica. Both had their dramatic speeches. One made me disgusted and the other made me yell, “frak yeah!” Well, now you know which I one liked more.

Last week, President Taylor had a choice to make. Either lose American lives now or lose Sangalan lives in the near future. The ideal choice would have been stand down for oh… 24 hours, let Jack Bauer do his thing, and then invade Sangala. But even without that knowledge, given the choice between Americans or Sangalans, the President’s choice is clear. Instead, I get to listen to some bs about how the rest of the world will perceive the US. Also, this notion of worrying about giving what the terrorist want is also bunk. Maybe terrorists get what they want in the short-term, but are we to believe that the United States of America cannot take care of rebels in a third world country in the near future? It’s a frakkin carrier group. They can turn around anytime. I understand this is 24, where everything is a “ticking bomb scenario”. But the fact remains while all lives are equal, to an American President, Americans are way more equal.

Then there was President Roslin last night. Now, so far all we’ve seen in season 4.5 is Roslin off her meds and going batty. But as soon as Tom Zarek, BSG’s version of the Joker, tries to usurp her, she puts on her wig and goes Presidential on humanity’s ass. On the wireless, she addresses the situation. Humanity has gone through loads of shit thanks to the Cylons. Given the crappy situation, Roslin urges humanity to trust those who have already made the tough decisions to ensure the survival of the fleet over those who would risk tearing it apart to achieve their goals. She’s addressing the current situation, not what might happen in the next generation (at this rate, there won’t be one). The people do trust her since she did eventually take them to Earth even if it did turn out to be a nuclear wasteland. Do the people trust President Taylor? Who knows, since the situation has not gone public yet.

So given an imminent threat that requires immediate action, one President to throw reality away, the other takes it head on. You know who I’d vote for.

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