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January 27th

Starbucks has been on a funk for the last few years, and it seems it’s only to get worse. Some people are rooting for its demise. I personally think their coffee tastes like burning.

One must remember that the coffee culture in America and around the world wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Starbucks. How many people knew what a latte was before Starbucks? I didn’t.

One main gripe is that Starbucks is everywhere. True, but I bet for every Starbucks there is also at half a dozen places nearby that sell coffee and 1-2 of those place serving espresso drinks.

People claim that independent cafes are much superior, but would they even exist if we did not have the market for coffee we have now? Who do you think built that market? Not the hippie fair trade organic cafe. Even outside of cities and tourist towns, there are still plenty of alternatives to Starbucks. McDonalds has, in my opinion, a better and cheaper, coffees. Dunkin Donuts sell lattes for pretty cheap (sucks though). Convenient stores have these massive coffee stations. Would they have introduced a variety of coffee drinks without Starbucks in mind?

Then there is my favorite type of coffee, stuff brewed at home. If Starbucks did not exist, then would the coffee aisle at the supermarket consist of more than coffee in a can? Would I be able to purchase a small single cup coffeemaker or a french press?

Ultimately, coffee snobs owe their ability to be snobs to Starbucks. Would you feel more empowered if you griped about Folger’s instead? Guess what, a large soulless corporation created the market for lattes their local competition relies on to survive. Now that other big players are in the coffee market, where will coffee drinkers go if Starbucks goes under? Not hippie fair trade organic espresso bar (though personally, I’d go there).

So before any more people cheer for Starbuck’s demise, how does McCafe sound to you?

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