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January 21st

Wired has a pretty good article on Comcast. You can read that or you can read my very recent call to them.

So both our cable tv and internet went. I called Comcast to see what’s going on. My conversation with the customer service rep was going just fine. He explained to me that they are working on the problem (they were, I got it back in under 2 hours). Then he said, “this is not the most appropriate time to ask this, but…”

He went there.

He noticed we only subscribed to their cable and tv (not voluntarily, since we got it from like 3 cable companies ago). Why not get our phone service? For just an extra x amount of money each month plus an x amount of extra fees, we can get something we already have. He kept talking and talking, I was trying to find a way to tell him to STFU. Yes, I was being the bigger asshole, should have seen me flailing around silently listening to the guy’s lousy pitch.

The one redeeming aspect is after the call, Mr. Sales Rep forgot to hang up and went back to talking to the guy next to him. I won’t bring it up because it was pretty stupid, but it’s like the intercom ladies in my old gig that forget to turn it off at least once a day. Could have listened to the whole conversation, but at that point I was tired of listening to him.

The good news is the Verizon people is finally installing fiber in my part of the neighborhood. For less money, I can get faster internet from Verizon and hopefully no longer have to put up with restarting my router 1-2 times a day and a rising monthly bill.

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