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January 19th

Living in the US, finding high quality soccer matches is tough. Here in Jersey I could always scoot over to Harrison and watch the New York Red Bulls. I think MLS is a decent league and I hope for great things, but I know it will never be as good as an EPL or La Liga match.

So while it is going to take some time for an American men’s side to become top-level, I only have to wait a few months to watch a top-level women’s side. Plus, I don’t even have to travel that far.

Sky Blue FC is the new women side for the “New York” market. Technically, while the team is within the designated New York metro area, it is not that close to New York. They’ll be playing in Piscataway, NJ. Same place as Rutgers University. Plus, they are going to host their open in TD Bank Ballpark, which is a minor-league baseball stadium in Bridgewater. That I’d like to see.

Having watched both men’s and women’s basketball at Rutgers for awhile, I could easily tell that women’s basketball, despite having the way superior team at Rutgers, is not on par with the men’s game. For soccer, I can’t tell the difference, probably because it’s such a low scoring game already.

So I might give the ladies a chance. Hopefully, WPS does better than its predecessor, WUSA, developing young local talent while acquiring the top players in the world.

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