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January 19th

There has been a flood of headlines that start with “What Recession? …” and the following article starts with something like, “At a time when people are losing their jobs and homes, blah blah blah”, like this one on the cost of the inauguration. The article will be about some big purchase by some rich person or some large amount of money being spent on something.

My biggest gripe is how these articles tend invite readers to chastise how private individuals and businesses spend their own money. Is there some proper way to behave during a recession? Who cares what people and businesses do with their own money? Considering that consumer spending is in the tank, private spending should be encouraged.

Meanwhile, our government has decided that $825 billion of taxpayer money should be put in “infrastructure and green technology” (Working in the service sector of the economy? Too bad, should have been an engineer) is the proper way to behave during a recession. If government spending is so great, why not spend this much during the good times and make it “the awesome times”?

Where’s the headline, “What recession? Congress needs about $1 trillion from You”. And it starts like,

“At a time when tax revenue is going down the toilet, Congress has decided to double down and put up to $1 trillion on green.”

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