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January 22nd

There’s a sick game being played by the NYCDOT, charge $2/hr for street parking, and watch hordes of drivers scramble for them like lottery tickets.

It’s obvious that demand for parking far outstrips supply in Manhattan. Parking in a private garage or lot is currently $10 and up depending on area (I paid $14 in Chelsea). I learned this the hard way, again, while driving around Chinatown for an hour and finally giving up and leaving. So finding a spot in the street has become a game of luck.

So if people really need to park their cars in the city, they should ask NYCDOT to raise the prices to oh… five to ten-fold depending on the area.

A couple of things will happen. Some people will start filling up the private garages or lots. Some will decide to take the bus, subway, or PATH to NYC. Some people will decide that New Jersey seems more affordable. All this means there will be less cars on the street and things like commercial vehicles can do their damn jobs effectively.

I don’t understand why the Mayor, who is willing to do a congestion charge, won’t try to raise the parking rates to market level. Call it price gouging, but it really doesn’t matter how much parking costs if a good chunk of people can’t even find a spot in the first place. Why not take the extra money to remove unused fire hydrants and repaint the curb to clearly mark parking areas?

Meanwhile, the MTA can think about the connection between fixed subsidized pricing on its subway system and why the subway looks and smells so bad.

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