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January 16th

All the ladies in the world
I wanna get next to you
Show you some gratitude
By makin’ love to you it’s the least we can do…
If every soldier in the wo-orld
Put down his weapon and picked up a woman
What a peaceful world this world would be-eee…

Ladies of the World – Flight of the Conchords


The original concept was to do something like a calendar. Then I realized:

  • I would have to make 12 of these.
  • The same thing would show for around 30 days.

So I scaled it down to seven, for each day of the week. I will post a tutorial in the near future to show how I did it. But for now, can you guess which sexy ladies I chose to represent the dates. Answers after the jump.

Monday: Ana Beatriz Barros
Tuesday: Grace Park (the cylon, not the golfer)
Wednesday: Olga Kurylenko
Thursday: Monica Bellucci
Friday: Megan Fox
Saturday: Elisha Cuthbert
Sunday: Marisa Miller

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