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January 23rd

I love Internet Explorer, just as Jesus Christ love all of his children.

While I don’t have to agree with Microsoft’s interpretation of HTML/CSS, I no longer curse it nor do I spend any significant time fixing IE issues. I’ve come up with techniques and easy to implement solutions to take care of any IE issue before I even have to open IE. I’ve covered avoiding floats like the plague, so here are some other issues.

PNG loves IE6. Now they do. This javascript solution from Drew Diller will, with a few exceptions, handle all PNG transparency issue. It’s also pretty easy to use.

Flickering background on IE6? that’s crazy talk. Put this in your header (written by this person)

<!--[if IE 6]>
  try {
 document.execCommand('BackgroundImageCache', false, true);
} catch(err) {}

Make sure it applies to IE6 only, since it is only an IE6 issue. The cost of this solution is that IE6 user will no longer cache any images on your site. So find a way to keep image size down.

<hr> tags are for suckers. You don’t want to use them, for many reasons. I personally use this workaround.

.main .post {
background:url(images/hr.png) no-repeat bottom;
padding:0 0 36px;

The bottom padding is the height of your image.

There will be more solution as soon as I come up with them. Use these tips and you too will be at peace, grasshopper.

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