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January 6th

Counter-Strike was one of the first multi-player team-based realistic FPS and games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 2 is based on that. Being a realistic shooter in 1999, this was the first time the recoil of a weapon factored into the game. So there had to be a to way to shoot accurately. In real life, one shoots more accurately when they are still. But in gaming, precision mouses make that an unwise move for the most part.

Enter the shimmy. This is done by strafing left and right repeatedly while keep your aim at the targets. This makes shooting practitioners of this FPS dance move more difficult. Even the shortest strafe will make things difficult due to, from the opponent’s perspective, instantaneous shifting of the target back and forth.

In the 10 years (10 years!) since Counter-strike, the WASD system of movement has changed very little, so it remains a popular tactic among FPS games. In real life, I have yet to see anyone shoot accurately while shaking their hips back and forth. And yet in gaming, I am still astound getting shot by someone doing a belly dance. It’s a move embedded into every gamer since Counter-strike, even I found myself abusing it.

To me, even if the games looked prettier today than 10 years ago, FPS as we know it hasn’t changed much. That annoys me.

Bonus Peeve: Another Counter-Strike relic is the Desert Eagle. It’s in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare even though no military adopted it due to its impracticality. Plus, they must have super strong wrists since they can also empty the entire 7 round clip in a few seconds. If Call of Duty wants to take from Counter-Strike, why not the Glock? The handgun used by oh… everyone.

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