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January 5th

(Cross-posted in Are You NKay?, my blog on North Korean Human Rights. Email me if you would like to contribute.)

I just went to Starbuck and learned that the purchase of my Expresso Truffle sent $.05 to (RED). I take no issue of corporations taking part of charitable courses. Having taken part in non-profit organizations, any help is appreciated. But I cannot help but notice that it is a ploy to steer people towards certain high-end products.

My expresso, like almost every Starbucks coffees, tasted like a combination of burning and sweetness. It also costs $3.65 for a Tall (small in Starbuckese).

Dell’s Product (RED) steers me towards their high end XPS desktops and their mid-range Studio 15 and Studio 17 Laptops (which has a 75 premium for some pretty cool designs). I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting a Product (RED) Mini9 anytime soon.

It’s like corporations are putting the onus on their customers to help, (RED)’s case, HIV victims in Africa. What if we don’t buy Product (RED)? Will they not send the money?

I reiterate. Whatever it takes to get money to worthy causes is okay in my book. But it would be nice for corporation to use cheaper high-volume products.

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