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January 4th

In my opinion, Modern Warfare is still a superior game to the newer World at War. Still, whenever patch 1.8 comes out, I think COD4 could be improved with these features from WaW.

Toss back perk. It is because of this perk I love martyrdom used by my opponents. In World at War it is essentially a free pre-cooked grenade. This perk would solve the martyrdom menace in Modern Warfare.

Improved score sheet. The new score sheet shows artillery kills, dog kills, and a rival. It’s simply a great improvement over the old score sheet.

Bayonet. Why not? Bayonets are still currently used in many weapons, as recent as 2006 in Iraq. It’s a great counter to the ninja knives currently in both games.

Capture the flag. This was omitted in Modern Warfare. It’s better than Domination in my opinion.

Prestige Mode. Yes, Modern Warfare has it in it console versions, but why not in the PC version? As much I enjoy using a golden AK-47, I think its time to distinguish the men from the boy (or at least, regular people to people who play too much).


Make the stun grenade work like tabun gas. I’ve already covered this in a previous post, but I want it changed just because I really hate the current stun grenade.

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