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December 11th

For years, I’ve ruled the ruled the land of gaming with cheap optical mouse. First it was a dell optical mouse that came with the system, then I broke it. Then it was a big bulky Microsoft optical mouse, then I broke it (in anger, I might add).

This time, I plunked down $44 and purchased a Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse.

After a few hours testing, I found it was worth every dollar.

Now, there is one problem. The software that came with the Razer cannot detect my mouse, so I cannot do any programming. So I can’t use any of the shoulder buttons in a game. That will be fixed.

Otherwise, this mouse is perfect. In addition to being shiny and blue, my mouse movements are now smooth instead of clunky. Instances when I literally cannot point my mouse at a certain area are gone. What used to require sweeping movements of the wrist can now be performed with a finger flick.

One thing is sure, if you thought I was good back in cheapo mouse times, wait until I become one with the Copperhead.

You might as well surrender now.

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