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December 31st

My Rutgers finish the season 8-5 in typical Rutgers fashion; lousy first half, great finish in the second. That’s better back when we dreaded the 4th quarter.

And to think we were one conference away from a BCS bowl instead of crappy bowl in the middle of nowhere. Oh well, considering how much we suxored the first half of the season, I’ll take 8-5.

So what will be next year like for Rutgers Football? We’ll need to replace Teel, hopefully someone that is way more consistent. I’d say Dom Natale, since I have yet to see Jabu Lovelace to throw accurately.

In running back, I’d say do something similar to the Giants. Young and Martinek for yardage, Brooks as a bruiser. Whoever it is, thank god the entire O-line will be back.

For someone who thought this year was going to be a rebuilding year, I really think we can win the Big East for real this time.

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