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December 21st

In the summer, we lost Strahan. He retired. He wants to bring his face to television. No big deal.

Then we lost Shockey to the Saints. Oh well, we have The Boss. No, not Springsteen. Kevin “The Boss” Boss. For all I care it is an upgrade.

Then we lost Osi, who got injured and was out the rest of the season. Damn, but the defense holds with Tuck and the crew.

Then we lost Plaxico. Then again. Then again for the rest of the season. Shot himself. Oh well, Toomer, Smith, and Hixon will do just fine, even better.

Then we lost Brandon Jacobs for two games. And our running game went to shit. Lost to the Eagles. And the Cowboys. Division rivals.

OH GOD! There goes the season.

Welcome back Jacobs. Giants, I know I said the same thing about Burress, but give Jacobs his money.

And pray Eli Manning never date Ashlee Simpson.

Update: See?

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