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December 21st

So you have been killed the 5th time in the row by the same guy. You think he’s secretly mocking you each time. Before you smash that mouse, think about whether losing your cool will make you a better player. In most cases, it will not. Even in real sports losing ones temper will hinder one focus. The term “blinded by rage” means you are too busy being angry and no longer playing the game.

So if you find yourself about to meltdown, stop playing. Exit the game (or pause), and take a breather. Think about why you are being owned. Are they cheating? Perhaps. Or are they outplaying you? Or just bad luck? What is the point of playing a game if it no longer makes you happy?

From someone that loses it quite often, keep it cool.

(Yes, I realize this skit is more free advertising than funny. But it seems appropriate for this topic.)

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