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December 22nd

There are a lot of blue LED’s on my PC rig. There is one on my case. One on my speaker’s volume control. One on my external drive. And a whole slew of them on my mouse. The only LED that is not blue is the green LED on my monitor.

It looks pretty, but at in the dark that shit lights up the room like Poltergeist.

There are times when I have to leave my PC on while I sleep. The lights disrupt my ability to do so. Now I have to cover each LED up before I go to sleep.

It could be worse, though. I could be one of many dumbasses who buys blue light alarm clocks. If my PC is bright, imagine staring at the time at night.

Next time I’m buying stuff with red LEDS. That way it doesn’t bother me and it brings a demonic ambiance to my room.

Update: Just got my Wacom Bamboo tablet. Oh look! More blue LED’s. Four of them.

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