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December 14th

Update: Looks like the below mentioned bug has been fixed. Can’t complain about that. On the other hand, I don’t remember any other game I have causing memory dumps.

Bought Call of Duty World at War and played both the single and multiplayer modes. I found 5 things Treyarch did right and five things they fracked up.

The good things.

Artillery and Attack dogs. Like the rest of the game, these are buggy. However, I think they are an improvement over airstrikes and choppers, dogs in particular. One thing I hated about choppers were that, if left to its own, will be in the air forever. Dogs are capped at 60 seconds and players can actually do something to defend themselves from them.

More explosives to choose from. Every explosive is an improvement over the ones in COD4. I personally am a fan of bouncing betties. Yes, the hated rifle-grenades are back, but they are only available on bolt-action rifles and the semi-auto M1 Garand. N00bs will have to wonder what to do after using up those. Martyr is back, but can be countered with the Toss back perk.

Bolt-Action Rifles. Too bad these suckers are relegated to sniper status. These babies will shoot through kevlar. It is also highly skill oriented class of weapons, especially with no scope. Attach a bayonet and it becomes a powerful melee weapon.

Out with stun nade, in with tabun. One of the dumbest tactic is COD4 is to throw a frag grenade followed by a stun grenade. A person hit by a stun would move too slow to avoid the explosion. Absolutely bullshit in my opinion. Tabun gas will frack up your vision and your ability to aim. It will not slow a person down. Thank god.

Improved stats. I am a huge proponent of ranking people with a K/D difference instead of K/D ratio. In TDM, K/D difference is how teams win. The game also added artillery and dog kills. Pretty cool.

The bad things.

Bugs! To me, Call of Duty 4 is a masterpiece in software. It loaded extremely quickly and it was almost bug free. Same cannot be said for World at War. I understand that it is an early version, but many of the bugs inhibit enjoyment of the game. There are too many to list, but the most annoying one is the Menu screen going pitch black after loading the 2nd time on. I have minimize the game, and go back in order for it to show up again. Developers, fix your game before shipping.

Even cheaper melee attack. Ah, the ninja knife. I hate it. But now its worse. In COD4, the game punishes those who miss their melee attack with a second of cooling time. They got rid of that. Now I see punks miss without penalty. The bayonet, a new weapon part in certain rifles, do have a cooling period. Maybe its another bug.

Unbalanced weaponry. If you haven’t noticed, semi-machine guns dominate public server. Why? Because it takes little or no effort to hit anyone. You know a weapon is bad when it is more accurate when hip-firing then when aiming down the sight. Unfortunately, the only assault rifle, the STG44, lack the punch of the AK47. Worse, some weapons have very little differences in terms of tactics. Spray and pay with SMG’s. Point and shoot with semi-auto rifles. Boring.

Funky respawn. One good thing about the new respawn system is that it makes TDM matches more dynamic than before. No longer does one side can take advantage of favorable terrrain throughout the entire match. Still, one cannot help but notice they may have overdone it. I could be chasing one person and all the sudden four people respawn around him. I could respawn surrounded by enemies or, worse, one enemy spawns right behind me. The worst case is in small maps when I get respawned into my own artillery strike. Overall, I think its a positive change, but I hate it.

Kiefer Sutherland. Sutherland is the voice of Sgt. Roebuck and the voice that does all the announcements for the Marines in multiplayer. Anyone who follows 24 knows that listening to what Kiefer said will lead to death. I do not want Sgt. Bauer telling me what to do.

I’m waiting for the 1.5 patch. Whereas COD4 is a mature gaming experience, I feel that World at War is for kids.

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