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November 3rd

I have 2 points on my license because I rather be a speeder than be a “reckless driver”. Also, to the NJ State trooper who flashed his sirens to get me out of the lane, go screw yourself.

I spent $700 to fix a broken exhaust pipe when I ran over a dead deer in the middle of the road.

Traffic on Interstate 287 is lousy because people get confused about lane merges.

My car is one malfunction from stranding me or turning into a deathtrap.

If my car doesn’t kill me, my fellow “drivers” will. Excuse me for not going faster than 80 mph in the “fast lane”. Flashing your xenons will not make me go faster.

Lousy roads, lousy traffic laws, dying car, but no one will ever take away my desire to drive.

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