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October 11th

Recently, I had to help a client install a theme into Tumblr. Like Twitter, Tumblr is meant for short posts. Instead of just text, however, Tumblr allows pictures, audio, chats and video. There is also specific layouts for links, quotes, and good old text. You can also follow other Tumblr blogs.

Unlike Twitter, Tumblr is fully customizable and shares a design feature similar to blogger. It is an html page with smarty template tags and an option to add css embeded in the html. There are different “blocks” to customize the layout of different types of posts and also a block to customize the timestamp. For non-designers, there are dozens of themes to choose from and each of them can have the option to change colors. It is, in my opinion, the most versatile tumble blog for designing templates for yourself and other people.

Like blogger, you can also forward your own domain name to your Tumblr hosted blog.

While I do not think I have the time to customize my own tumblr site, I did, however, add a bunch of links and videos I like to share and embedded the feed onto this blog.

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