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October 7th

Currently, I only watch primetime TV on Mondays and Thursdays. While Thursday is easy with Ugly Betty and The Office back to back, Monday is more complicated. 9PM is a given, Heroes. 8PM has NBC, Fox, and CBS putting out shows I want to watch at the same time. It is true I could go on Hulu and the next day and watch them all (which I already do) So I will review them.

The Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory takes every single stereotype about nerds and geeks and puts them in four characters. Do you know someone who is a physicist AND plays World of Warcraft? A lot of the scenes are cringe-worthy (likely due to projection), but it is a funny show.

How I Met Your Mother Fuck Ted. What a whiny bitch and by far the least funny character in the show. I don’t care he is the main character in the show or that his “problems” drive the plot. Barney and Marshall make the show.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Having seen Terminator III and feeling depressed about the inevitable (the movie also sucked), I wonder where this reboot will take the story. Perhaps I am clouded by my love for Firefly, but Summer Glau makes the the perfect terminator.

Chuck In my opinion, it is a more accurate portrayal of geeks than Big Bang Theory even though its set in the near future. Plus, anything with Adam Baldwin in it is going to be awesome (here is my infatuation with Firefly coming out again).

Last night, Chuck prevailed only because of the comedy is good and Yvonne Strahovski is hot. Yes!

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