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October 13th

Fuck this season. When the hell did this show become Lost? How the fuck do you kill off Ando and still think you have the best show on television. I am so behind on The Shield, I think I rather catch up than put up another week of this shit.

Still, there are a few remaining characters (out of oh, a hundred) that I still do not want to choke (in Mohinder’s case, bash his head in)

HRG - Is it just me, or all the characters with abilities are pissing me off? Because Noah Bennet is the only character I actually care about in this show right now. How is he planning to navigate through a world where apparently everyone’s going mutant. If he dies (for real), then I plan to watch something.

Parkman – He hasn’t done shit. So I can’t hate that.

Ando – What?! He can’t die! Can’t I at least see him turn into Raiden? Fuck this season.

Update: Oh Hiro, you tricky bastard. I still think the season is a mess.

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