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October 16th

One candidate. No, I really do not care who is going to be president. But I do care who is going to represent me in Congress. In New Jersey’s 7th district, the two main choices, Leonard Lance and Linda Stender, are horrendous. Stender is a typical liberal candidate. I got to hear Lance speak only once, and that pretty much prevented me from ever voting for him. He spoke briefly in one of my college classes arguing against term limits for state assembly (ie himself).

Enter Michael Hsing. He is a Republican running as an independent. His platform is almost identical to Lance, so I do not agree with 70-80% of it. Yes, just so happens he is also Chinese who lives by my neighborhood (Bridgewater). This year, I believe every incumbent from the state and national offices need to go. To me, Hsing is Obama if he were not a unabashed progressive. That is why I endorse Michael Hsing for Congress.

What I do not endorse is Hsing’s website. I hope he didn’t pay money for that job.

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