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September 12th

Last night, I got the priviledge of watching the Rutgers football team not show up in a New Brunswick bar.  I noticed there were a couple of types of reactions.

If you were like, you were numb.  You got that, “when did we suck again?” look.  But at least you have a bit of context.  More on that later.

If you were a North Carolina Basketball fan, well, now you like their football team too.  I think they have a shot at the ACC title if they keep playing like that.

Then there is the excretable bandwagon fans, pretty much everyone that started following the team two years ago.  Last night, these same assholes who tell everyone Rutgers is the #1 in the world when we are good were one upping each other on how much we sucked.

Thanks douche.  We know.  And we were extremely upset.  Don’t make a sport on it.  Seriously, I do not want anything to do with you summer patriot.

When I say context, you will have to go back 5 years ago.  A year before my freshman year, Rutgers won one game.  One.  while it seems like we’re on track to repeat that feat, real fans (and those who follow college football that makes jokes about us) know how low we can go.

I can gripe about how many times Mike Teel threw picks, overthrow the ball, or throw into double coverage, at least he’s not like previous Rutgers QB, who spent most of their time on turf.

I can remember the near empty stadium by the 4th quarter last night, but I remember when it was empty by halftime.

My first two years in Rutgers were both losing seasons.  Back in the day that was progress.  And as a member of the Scarlet Knights Marching Band, I HAD to be at those games.  Now I can’t even get in even if I want to pay.  That’s progress.

Look, we had two lousy games against good teams.  I still have hope we can finish the season with another bowl trip.  For those of you who hopped off the bandwagon last night, I hope you never come back.  For the rest of us, we were rightfully upset at the dismal performance last night, but we look foward to the rest of the season.

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